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    JAMA Bearing Company has gradually formed its own fine tradition,   cultural accumulation and intangible asset in the past nearly 10 years development process.

    To the customer: Our service concept is to consider for customer and exceed customer expectation. At the same time, we would try our best to explore customer lifetime value and provide them with perfect service archives and excellent after-sales service system.

    To the employee: Make the full use of talents and put their knowledge and skills into the best use. With the concept of service for the company strategy and enterprise culture construction, JAMA helps employee set different development goals in different stages to improve work performance and personal ability. It not only meet employee’s dual requirements to material and spiritual, but promote the common development with the company. 

    To the supplier: With the concept of “Supplier and Customer are Gods” and honesty-oriented, JAMA collaborates with supplier smoothly and digs out the domestic and foreign markets together to achieve mutual benefits.        

    To the society: Focus on the social responsibility of enterprise, establish good morality, honesty and trustworthiness, establish a good social image and become valuable citizen.


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